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eBay Auctions & CD Scam Alert

There is an eBay seller with multiple auctions and web sites containing headings such as: "75 Hotrod Teardrop & Vintage Travel Trailer Plans" "75 Camper Teardrop Vintage Travel Trailer DIY" "Teardrop & Vintage Camper Trailer Plans CD Hotrod $$$" "Hotrod Teardrop & Vintage Camper Trailer Plans CD" ... and other similarly titled listings These CD's contain pirated pictures and comments from web sites (including this one) which is a direct Infringement of Copyright, also in violation of Intellectual Property Rights, for private use only, not business or for profit venture. Several past buyers have stated that there isn't enough information for an actual build. The images on these CDs have also been converted to Acrobat Reader format, greatly decreasing quality. These photos can be viewed (and copied for personal use) free by visiting the various teardrop web sites first hand. Don't fall for this unscrupulous effort to part you from your money. The name on most of the auctions is 'Les_Lea' but, his real name is Daniel Carey from New York. He's a long term professional con artist that uses several methods to sell his CD's including web sites and links from our Teardrop web ring. Beware of these and other similar "auctions" or offers elsewhere on the internet! Don't waste your money! Teardrop folks are a caring and friendly community, but scams such as this reflect poorly on all of us ... Thank you, "Denny", for creating this text/notice!
... and the website

Profile Tracing Service

I have full-size templates for the Modernaire/Modernistic/Cub-types, Ken-Skill, Benroy, and KIT Kamper teardrops, as well as my own 8' and 10' designs.





Lil Bear

Mod/Cub Ken-Skill Benroy KIT Li'l Bear

Simply put 8'-10' of 4' wide heavy duty paper-stock into an appropriately sized mailing tube along with return postage and a note as to which profile you desire, then mail it to Li'l Bear. I will trace that pattern onto the paper and mail it back to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery ...

... CHARGE ONLY $10.00!

Or, send $45.00 (cash, check, or M/O) and I'll provide paper & postage. Each profile has cabinet, door, and window locations indicated, as well as galley lid hinge-point and axle centerline location. A simple chassis drawing (of the way I build the frames) that any competent welder can follow for fabrication is available on request at no additional fee. "Morphing" of designs available at nominal charges. These patterns/profiles are produced as ordered and must be worked into the production schedule as time and available floorspace allow. While I'll endeavor to fill the order as soon as possible, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.

NOTE: California residents add 7.50% Sales Tax (subject to change without notice!)

Li'l Bear 8RF (round front version) - you get both RF & FF on the same profile

Li'l Bear 10RF (round front version) - you get both RF & FF on the same profile



Once again, I will attempt to put together a step-by-step plans package on How to Build a Teardrop the Li'l Bear Way. They will be available in the not-to-distant future ...


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